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Disc Golf 

Club Sponsorship 

This year we have had to make some tough decisions while bringing back custom disc golf, we are excited to be back for your event needs but unfortunately there will be No Club Sponsorship Programs this year. We will only be able to accept Tournament orders as of now, we hope to have club and business orders available soon.

Clubs support the growth of disc golf,
and Discraft supports you!

The Discraft Club Sponsorship Program

  • What's new:

  • 1-click player packs: easy and instant player packs

  • Lower minimums: get as few as 50 custom discs!

  • More models: choose up to 5 disc models... or more!

  • Even LOWER pricing: better than wholesale!

  • Stock disc options: expand your model choices! Mix and match!

  • Access to CryZtal plastic available exclusively to clubs and events!

  • Earn CLUB CASH to exchange for even more swag!


How Do Club Sponsorships Work?


This is your year! Build your club spirit with custom stamped golf discs from Discraft. Your members will feel like an important part of something special when they are carrying club plastic!

To take advantage of club sponsorship you must place an order for custom club

discs. The minimum custom order to qualify is 50 discs with a 10-disc minimum

per model. Your club name and the year must be on the stamp to be eligible

for this sponsorship. See complete program restrictions below.

Save even more: No set up fees, free swag
We'll also waive your art set-up charges to save you another $60. You will also get (on request): a large Discraft event banner, 50 stickers and a box of scorecard pencils... in addition to whatever you choose to spend your Club Cash on.


No hidden charges... you'll raise a ton of funds! The only extras you'll pay are shipping, so 50 discs with your custom hot stamp could be as little as $225 plus shipping. Check it out!

How it Works
grc_spon_1clickpp (1).jpg

Pricing guide


Crunch the Numbers


Discraft Club Sponsorship restrictions:

  1. This sponsorship program is for disc golf clubs and leagues. Club name and year must be included in your custom art. Orders attempting to utilize this program for non-clubs will be denied.

  2. Minimum custom order is 50 discs. Your order unlocks all additional sponsorship benefits.

  3. Custom model restrictions:

    • Minimum 10 discs per model (10 Nukes, 10 Buzzz, etc)

  4. Maximum stock disc purchase at special Club Sponsorship stock pricing: 100 discs. Must be ordered prior to shipment of your custom discs to receive special pricing.

  5. Club Cash must be redeemed for official program packages at time of order and may not be combined with other programs or orders. Club Cash has no cash value and expires upon shipment of your custom order.

Your Obligation

What does Discraft ask in return for sponsorship? 

Simply that you promote Discraft as a key sponsor, giving the same promotional consideration as you would any valued tournament sponsor: logo and link on your website, program and fliers, a banner posted during the event, and acknowledgment to your players. Click the logo below for more sizing options. Sending us photos or YouTube videos showing these sponsor support activities can also help you to earn additional Club Cash toward your next event!


The Club Cash Reward Program


As you are planning out your custom order, browse Club Cash Rewards store to see what additional items you might like!

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Ready to order?

Hot Stamp order forms:

  • Excel (download, complete and email to us)

  • PDF (download, print, complete and return)

Mini Order Forms:

  • Excel (download, complete and email to us)

  • PDF (download, print, complete and return)

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