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      THE DISCS EXPLORE What's new: WELCOME From Ultimate to Disc Golf and Freestyle, we have made it our passion to provide you with a disc that will excel you to the top of your game. Flying discs are our life and we thank you for joining us on our journey to elevate the craft. DISC GOLF DISCS PLASTICS TEAM CUSTOM ULTIMATE DISCS CUSTOM YOUTH PARTNERS Basket UpCycle Looking to upgrade the baskets on your course? Now when you recycle the used baskets to build a new disc golf course, you can save money. Growing Chains Program Building New Courses Depending on the size of the course, the backing by your city or school, and the condition of the old baskets, you will be able to a new course with the Growing Chains program. plant Apply Growing the Sport By giving an incentive to upgrade to newer baskets and reusing older baskets, we effectively double the number of playable courses. The Factory awaits . Shop Bulletin Board FOLLOW @DISCRAFTDISCGOLF

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    • She's Back.

      "We are so proud and excited to welcome back 5X World Champion Paige Pierce to Discraft. Our new, multi-year contract with Paige is a huge step forward for Discraft and women's disc golf. It's time for a change - we're revolutionizing the relationship between players and manufacturers. The players are rewarded for their hard work and contributions to building the sport that we all love. " - Mike Wagner Discraft COO "This is a limitless contract. There is no question it's the largest female contract in disc golf, but with some of our new additions, it could be considered the largest disc golf contract in history. Discs are just one piece of the deal. We're helping her build her brand." - Bob Julio Team Manager "I have too much to say. This is so exciting! Stay tuned to my Instagram where I will be going live from the warehouse. There is no way to put all my thoughts into words on a screen. Be sure to check the Profiled episode on the JomezPro YouTube on Monday for more details about what's coming. We're working on so many projects that I can't wait to share." - Paige Paige kicks things off with a Test Flight putter. A very limited number of pre-release signed Test Flights are available NOW on The full Test Flight putter release will be on on Black Friday.

    • 2019 Halloween Carving Contest

      We had some amazing entries for our 2019 Carving Contest. Because there were so many great options, we left the winning choices up to our fans. The winners of this year's contest could pick between a full set of 2019 Halloween Discs or a 3 pack of Good Vibe UltraStars. Congratulations to our 2019 Carving winners! Honorable Mentions: Thank you to all who entered and voted! We'll see you again in 2020. Happy Halloween, The Discraft Family

    • Welcome, Paul McBeth.

      “We are very excited to be working with Paul McBeth and can not wait to share with the world all the great things we are working on together. 2019 will be Discraft’s 40th anniversary and it was time for us to make a big move. We feel that this will be great for the sport, our employees who work very hard, and the fans that have always been by our side.” - Bob Julio Discraft Team Manager We are happy to announce our newest addition to Team Discraft, Paul McBeth. We couldn't imagine a better fit for our company. His core character, professionalism, and business mindset will allow us to continue to push the boundaries and grow the sport of disc golf. Welcome to Discraft, Paul. And thank you JomezPro for working with us on the announcement. “I believe Discraft has positioned themselves to make a big push for the sport. As we have continued to develop our relationship, I’m already feeling confident in my decision. My goals aligned perfectly with Discraft’s model, and the openness that Discraft has with their players and employees has made this transition easier than I ever expected. We have a very similar vision for the future and the growth of the sport and there is no better time than now to start in heading that direction.” - Paul McBeth

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