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Brian Earhart

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Vernon Hills

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Notable wins

2017 Indiana State Champion, 3x Ozark Mountain Open Champion

Favorite Courses

Ozark Mountain: Vichy, MO. Super secluded private course in the mountains of Missouri. Par 72 with an amazing mix of huge elevation shots, wooded shots, open bomber par 4's and 5's. Multiple holes here would be in my dream 18. Extremely scenic and challenging.

Dellwood Disc Golf Couse: Lockport, IL. Beautiful 27 hole wooded course with a few big open shots mixed in. Great variety in shot shapes and has one of the most robust full service Pro Shops I've ever seen directly on site. Local community leaders put insane amounts of work into the course and it shows. Expect even bigger things from Dellwood in the future.


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*Note* In The Bag section is a work in progress. While these are the discs
the player throws, it may not accurately reflect the plastic type the player uses

Your go-to Driver?

The Force is a workhorse distance driver that easily meets the demands of top level play for backhand and sidearm. It's fast and perfectly overstable to handle tough winds while still traveling just as far as any other driver on the market. Once you season a Force enough they can be thrown like a midrange while still traveling insane distances.

How about your main Mid-range?

The Buzz is the perfect midrange. Super angle neutral when thrown correctly, a player with good spin/angle control can expect to throw a Buzz with VERY little flipping or fading. Hit it flat, it holds flat. Throw it with hyzer, it holds it the whole way. If your angle control is dialed in, throwing a buzz feels like cheating.

What about Your Putter?

Plain and simple, the Banger GT is the most underrated putter in disc golf for driving AND putting. When thrown hard and flat, it holds the line perfectly with a slow, consistent fade at the end. I throw the Banger for all backhand and some forehand upshots, as well as for every putt 80 ft and in. Since switching to the Banger my putting has risen to levels I never thought I could reach. The groove top gives it the feel of a nicely beat up putter despite flying like a fresh, stable one. Amazing disc.

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