Jason Tiligadas



Jason Tiligadas

Tag Line:

Birdie Everything!!!


Elmer, NJ

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PDGA Rating: 

Notable wins

Horizon Cup 2020 B-Tier, South Jersey open2017 B-Tier

Favorite Courses

Maple Hill, Leicester, MA. This course is just amazing so prestigious and challenging it commands all of your shots in your bag and makes you throw tight lines, long shots, and over water hazards frequently. Not much more to ask for in a course.

Iron Hill, Newark, DE. The Hill is just one of the most difficult but fair courses I have ever played. From the first tee shot to the last putt you can not lose focus or take any shot for granted on this true par 72 course.


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*Note* In The Bag section is a work in progress. While these are the discs
the player throws, it may not accurately reflect the plastic type the player uses

Your go-to Driver?

Most times I reach for a driver its going to be a Glo Crank its just a really consistent driver easy to throw with great distance and not a huge rim so it's comfortable in the hand. This disc is great for me when I really have to get one out there.

How about your main Mid-range?

Okay so the ESP Buzzz is the best mid ever made. It is the most versatile mid-range I have ever thrown. I will throw this disc anytime I need a reliable and confident approach or even shorter tee shot that will hold any line I put on it.

What about Your Putter?

My go to putter is a Crazy Tuff Jawbreaker Focus. I've been putting with a Focus for almost 10 years and the CT JB blend is just my favorite. It is firm but not too stiff, the grip is great, comfortable in the hand, and it just holds a really straight line with a consistent finish. I use this disc anything inside of 50FT.

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