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Tyler Grady

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Whitefield, Maine

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Notable wins

One of my most notable wins was two years ago in 2016 when I was down 4 after the first round in the bittersweet summer opener. The second round I came started off on fire and continued to shred the course, I ended up shooting course record and coming back to win by 2.

Favorite Courses

Pineland Farms. New Gloucester, Maine. Absolutely Beautiful course with wide fairways and beautiful scenery. I love looking at all the different little farm buildings throughout the course. The marketplace they have onsite is also probably the best spot for lunch in the united states, farm fresh food ready to be served by a great friendly staff.

Burnsboro. Vassalboro, Maine. I love this place because of its history. Its one of the oldest courses in Maine and its 18 holes of home made baskets. The people that hang around Burnsboro are really what makes it my second favorite. Theres always a good group of people willing to play or just hang out.


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*Note* In The Bag section is a work in progress. While these are the discs
the player throws, it may not accurately reflect the plastic type the player uses

Your go-to Driver?

The Force. I have a couple different forces in my bag all ranging of stability. I use them mostly for stable to overstable shots in the woods and the field. Its also a perfect disc for my sidearm, when I want to trust something to not turn over I throw the force.

How about your main Mid-range?

Comet. The best mid range disc for the woods. Perfect combitnation of glide and stabilty, thrown soft the comet will go dead straight for days. Thrown with a little more power and its great for carving lines.

What about Your Putter?

Challenger OS. This is my main putter for inside 45 ft. Theyre an overstable putter that works great for my spin putt. Its a fairly straight flying putter with a nice gentle fade at the end, perfect for the hyzer putters.

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