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Kenneth C. Tyburski

Kenneth C. Tyburski



Kenneth C. Tyburski

Tag Line:

It's not the throws that separate us, but the sport that brings us together.


Arden, NC

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Notable wins

2013 US Amateur Doubles Champion, 2014 Amateur Masters World Champion, 2017 North Carolina Points Series Masters Champion, 2019 Music City Open MP40 Champion. But my most noteworthy wins are getting a high school student I work with hooked on playing disc golf!

Favorite Courses

Jackson Park. Hendersonville, NC. There are better courses around the world, but Jackson is a course local to me that requires all manner of throws. Bomb drives and both backhand and forehand shots, elevation changes and treacherous greens, multiple tees and pin positions, and a balance of open holes and tight woody gaps. I love practicing here to work on all aspects of my game. Although it's a relatively newer course, Jackson feels like it's been here forever.

Ballou Park. Danville, VA. This is a nostalgic choice for me, because it is the course where I learned to play disc golf. I've logged probably 500 rounds at Ballou, including 5+ rounds weekly when I was first starting out. The differences in the short and long tees on most holes are striking, and it offers a nice variety of shots. I still try to run a tournament in Danville every Thanksgiving.


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*Note* In The Bag section is a work in progress. While these are the discs
the player throws, it may not accurately reflect the plastic type the player uses

Your go-to Driver?

When I need trusty distance, I grab my 2018 Ledgstone Edition ESP Glo Nuke. It went in the bag immediately, and has become the staple of my driving game. I've used it so much, it has become more neutral, but still has a strong finish. I can really smash on it with a little hyzer and get a beautiful long turn for max distance. I would step up in stability in a strong headwind, but for windless days or tailwind distance, my Nuke is where it's at.

How about your main Mid-range?

When it comes to midranges, the Buzzz answers all questions. My style of play is to prefer to throw as straight as possible whenever possible. My assortment of Buzzzes do exactly that. I also really appreciate the rim on the Buzzz for anhyzer forehand throws; I can snap it out high on an anhyzer angle and the Buzzz holds the line the entire way. Workhorse!

What about Your Putter?

I am a big fan of Challengers. I bag at four types: two in Glo FLX for putting only, one older ESP FLX relic that has more bite on its finish than most, an X Soft model for turning shots, and the last in Jawbreaker that flies pure and straight. I love how they feel in my hand, like they belong there! For any shorter drives or approaches, I can count on my Challenger lineup for consistent results.

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