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With the main focus being quality and consistency, our vision is to bring people together through a shared love for flying discs.

Founded by Jim Kenner and Gail MaColl in Michigan, USA 1979, Discraft is a manufacturer of Ultimate, Disc Golf, and Freestyle discs. What started in a small garage in Westland, Michigan, soon became the "World Leader in Disc Sports". Holding close to our roots and continuing to produce all our discs in the USA for 40 years, we are proudly a global force in the industry.​

Our first designs came about due to the inconsistencies in the industry. We felt that the consumer deserved the best product possible. Our designers are Hall of Famers, World Champions, elite athletes, and disc experts - all with the passion to produce the best, most consistent discs possible.

Giving Back

We strive every day to produce a product that we are proud to put our name on. From the beginning cuts of a mold to the final stamp of the foil, you can trust the product you hold in your hand is produced to the highest quality possible.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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