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Custom Disc Golf

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If you’re just looking for basic pricing, click here to submit your price inquiry. You’ll be asked a few questions to help us give you an accurate pricing based on your needs. 


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Art is not required for a pricing inquiry.

Art will be submitted later in the process.

submitting an order

Custom Hot Stamp

Create your own design. 100 piece minimum for business/personal custom hot stamp. 50 piece minimum  for tournament custom hot stamp orders. Choose your order form, fill out and return to us.

Golf Discs

Mini Discs


Custom SuperColor

Create your own high-definition, full color design. Minimums starting as low as 50 discs for custom SuperColor printing. Choose your order form, fill out and return to us. If you're simply looking for a quote, please start with the Custom Disc Inquiry.

Disc Golf - Hot Stamp details

SuperColor designs can only be printed on white ESP Buzzz. With hot stamp, you have options on disc mold and plastic type, as shown below. 


Disc Molds & Flight Chart


Plastic types


Each plastic type offers something different. From the durability and price to the color options (even glow-in-the-dark!) you'll easily be able to find something to fit your needs.

Discraft Disc Golf Plastic Types

Disc Color Examples


With 10 different plastic types and over 40 disc molds, 

it's hard to show the massive range of disc colors. Here are an few examples.

Discraft Disc Golf Undertaker Disc Golf Dsc
Discraft Disc Golf Crank SS Driver disc
Discraft Disc Golf ESP Buzzz Midrange
Discraft Disc Golf Tracker Disc Golf Disc
Discraft Disc Golf Esp Machete
Discraft Disc Golf Big Z Sting
Discraft Disc Golf jawbreaker Banger GT
Discraft Disc Golf Glide Disc Golf Disc
Discraft Disc Golf D Line Thrasher Driver
Discraft Disc Golf Z Soft Ringer GT
Discraft Disc Golf Banger Gt Putter
Discraft Disc Golf Pinusher Disc Golf Disc
Discraft Disc Golf Jawbreaker Focus Disc Golf Disc
Discraft Disc Golf Crank Disc Golf Disc
Discraft Disc Golf Machete Disc Golf Disc

Foil examples

Disc Golf Foils Website.png

Do you have the original art for your stamp? We need the highest possible quality graphics to ensure the stamp is clear. If you do not, we recommend reaching out to the original artist.

Ready to begin your order?

Disc Golf Hot Stamp Options Custom Design

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1 color stamp


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printing options


Our hot stamp process is clean and precise, and has been perfected since 1979. From the foils we use to our highly trained operators here in Michigan, USA, our pride in our products show through with each disc we manufacture. Our QC process is tedious and your satisfaction is our goal.

Hot stamp discs are available in quantities of 100 and up.


Our SuperColor process is the most advanced full color, high definition print process in the disc industry. Without changing the flight of the disc, we can convert any graphic, photo, or idea into a completely full color, high resolution print for your Company, Special Event, or Sport Team. SuperColor discs are available to order in quantities from 50 to one million!


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