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The Ultimate in Discs

From your classic throw-catch, to teaching children, to the high-paced sport of Ultimate, Discraft offers a wide range of discs and color options to suit all situations and types of play. There are estimated to be over 5 million ultimate players across the US and they all throw the UltraStar.

Headquartered here in Michigan, USA, Discraft has been continuing to advance the craft of disc manufacturing and disc design since 1979. 



The UltraStar 175g has set the standard for Ultimate and classic throw and catch across the globe. Whether you are tossing on the beach, playing catch in the street, or competing in the Ultimate Championships, the UltraStar is your go-to disc for all situations.


With a great feel, predictable flight, and timeless look, you'll understand with your first throw why the UltraStar has been hailed as the standard of the game since 1991.

Ultrastar Color Options


Soft Ultrastar

It's an UltraStar, only softer! We've brought our special soft plastic to the classic UltraStar. Now easier than ever to catch and throw, the Soft UltraStar will quickly become your go-to disc anytime you find yourself playing catch in public. Whether you're playing with someone new to the sport or in a crowded area like a beach, the Soft UltraStar will play like you'd expect without the worry of endangering others.

Soft ultrastar Color Options



Crafted from the design of the infamous UltraStar, the JStar is the easiest and most fun way to introduce kids to the idea of catch disc and the sport of ultimate. Manufactured with our speciality blend of soft plastics, the JStar is not only easier to throw and catch but it's much safer for crowded environments, beaches, camps, and other public places. 

JStar Color Options


Sky-Styler Color Options


The 160 gram Sky-Styler™ is the choice of freestylers around the world. It's perfectly weighted for brushing and guiding, and has been used by more World Champion Freestylers than any other. Not for pros only though... it's also an excellent all-around catch disc.

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