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Custom Disc golf - Supercolor


Our SuperColor process is the most advanced full color, high definition print process in the disc industry. Without changing the flight of the disc, we can convert any graphic, photo, or idea into a completely full color, high resolution print for your Company, Special Event, or Sport Team. SuperColor discs are available to order in quantities from 50 to one million!

Please Read Carefully. 

This may look like a lot to go through, but taking a few minutes to digest this info now will help you create the best design possible.

Print Options

SizeGuide (1).png

Feel free to make your design slightly larger, as we can always shrink it down with no loss of picture quality (whereas enlarging a design that is smaller than the sizes in the above table will result in significant loss of quality). Remember to create it in high resolution, at least 300 dpi.

Please note that submitted art which is sized smaller than the printable area will be enlarged to the printable area unless you specifically inform us otherwise.


Discraft Inc. cannot print any copyrighted material without the written consent of the author, artist, or designer. If you use any copyrighted material in your design, you'll need to obtain a copyright release from the owner and submit it with your artwork. Examples of copyrighted material include cartoon characters, corporate logos, and school mascots. We also need a release from your school if you use its name in your design (for example "University of Michigan"). Remember that you can't use the term "frisbee" in your design either, as it is a registered trademark of another company.


The Discraft Supercolor process utilizes CMYK digital printing output; we are unable to provide exact (spot) color or Pantone matching. Also note that colors you see on your computer screen may not be reproducible with CMYK printing. For example, a neon green on your screen will print closer to a kelly green, and will appear more flat than bright.

Reference this video for more information.


Almost anything goes. feel free to put any wacky thing you would like in your design, but please avoid drug references, sexually explicit, obscene, or vulgar language and images. Discraft reserves the right to refuse to print any design that does not meet our acceptable content standards.


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