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Discraft Halloween Buzzz | Time Line

The annual Limited-Edition Halloween Buzzz release by Discraft has become an eagerly anticipated event for disc golf enthusiasts. Each year, Discraft surprises fans with artist renditions of an iconic horror character, transformed onto their Z Glo Buzzz. The list of past releases showcases an impressive array of inspirations. These designs not only evoke the haunting essence of Halloween but also foster a deep connection with the disc golf community. Every spin of the disc not only celebrates the sport but also tells a story, intertwining the charm of October nights with the camaraderie felt on the fairway.


Spooky Trip Down Memory Lane:

2014 - In 2014, Discraft's Halloween Buzzz took flight with its first Bee character Halloween design. Reflecting the essence of the autumn harvests, this gourd-headed figure contrasts eerily against the night, creating a haunting experience for disc golfers and collectors alike.

2015 - The following year, Discraft took the Halloween Buzzz and added a artist interpretation of an iconic horror character. Draped in tattered attire and a hockey mask, this figure emerged from the watery depths of disc golf lore, carrying with it stories of midnight rounds and echoing screams of those throwing.

2016 - This design was truly the stuff of nightmares. With a crumpled hat and malevolent clawed glove, this character lurked in the subconscious, blending the boundary between dream and reality.

2017 - Discraft summoned a classic for their 2017 Halloween Buzzz. Donned in a mechanic's jumpsuit with a chilling emotionless mask, this figure was the embodiment of relentless pursuit and silent terror.

2018 - The 2018 release was a raw, powerful portrayal of the Halloween Edition Buzzz. His face, crudely masked with stitched leather, and his menacing tool of choice instilled fear, reminding disc golfers of the brutal wilderness.

2019 - The 2019 design was whimsically terrifying. With an uncanny grin, ruffled collar, and red balloons, this figure drew players into a world where everyone could float.

2020 - In 2020, this design, with its pin-adorned visage and cube of horrors, challenged players to unlock their darkest fears on the course.

2021 - With a long, ghostly robe and a haunting, featureless face, this character reminded disc golfers of the terror lurking in unexpected phone calls and shadowed corners.

2022 - This release portrays a deceptively innocent-looking figure with bright red hair and wicked grin highlighted the sinister playfulness that can sometimes creep into the Halloween spirit.

2023 - The latest release is inspired by ancient tomes and malevolent forest entities. Design to evoked a sense of arcane rituals and the relentless forces of darkness - this Buzzz straddles the line just beyond the known.


2023 Halloween Buzzz Spotlight

Introducing the 2023 Halloween Buzzz by Discraft! Dive deep into the shadows of the forest, where legends come alive, and evil lurks around every turn. This year, we're embracing the spirit of horror with an artist's rendition of a cult classic. Crafted with the precision and quality Discraft is renowned for, this disc isn't just a thrower or a collector's dream, it’s a living nightmare!

Take on the forces of evil and up your disc game with the 2023 Halloween Edition Buzzz. Stock is limited, and once they're gone, they won't be resurrected. Order yours before they vanish into the night!

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