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Experience Unmatched Precision with the New Putter Line Additions

It’s a new day for Discraft's most loved putters — Kratos, Luna, and Fierce! These discs are now available in both our Hard and Soft Putter Line plastic blends. Let’s dive into the defining characteristics of each model and what makes them a must-have for your disc golf collection.


The Kratos, a disc co-designed with 6x World Champion Paul McBeth, stands out for its engineering aimed at precision and control.

Putter Line Hard Kratos: Perfect for those who value firmness and consistency, this model offers a dependable flight path with minimal fade. Its durable plastic not only lasts longer but also provides the grip you need under any condition, ensuring that your throws are as precise as they are powerful.

Putter Line Soft Kratos: With its softer plastic blend, this version of the Kratos enhances grip and touch, bringing an exceptional control to your game. It's designed for those crucial moments where precision is key, making every approach shot count with its reliable performance.



The Luna has become a staple for its reliability and stable flight, which makes it a favorite among beginners and pros alike.

Putter Line Hard Luna: This iteration offers a solid, consistent feel that excels in control and stability. Whether you’re putting or making a critical approach, the Hard Luna responds with unyielding accuracy, thanks to its durable and stable grip.

Putter Line Soft Luna: For those who prefer a gentler touch, the Soft Luna provides a tacky grip that enhances the disc’s control capabilities. Its dependable finish and stable flight make it ideal for mastering those soft landings and precision putts.



The Fierce, a disc co-designed with 5x World Champion Paige Pierce is made to carve lines through the woods or open course with its straight flight and impressive glide.

Putter Line Hard Fierce: Known for its firm grip and consistent performance, the Hard Fierce flies true to its course, allowing for pinpoint accuracy on both putts and approach shots. It’s hard plastic blend stands up to the challenge of the course, ensuring lasting performance.

Putter Line Soft Fierce: Emphasizing touch and control, the Soft Fierce features a flexible grip that aids in achieving the perfect putt. Its straight flight and notable glide make it the ideal choice for players looking to add a soft yet precise disc to their lineup.

Bring Excellence to Your Game

Each of these putters has been crafted with the player in mind, offering variations to suit different styles and preferences. Whether you prefer the firm, unwavering consistency of our Hard Putter Line or the adaptable, tactile response of our Soft Putter Line, Discraft has engineered these discs to elevate your game.

Embrace the innovation and precision engineered into the Kratos, Luna, and Fierce. Get ready to transform your game with the perfect blend of stability, control, and performance!

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