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Shaping an Industry: Inside the GRIPeq x Discraft x Paul McBeth Partnership

It’s time for a shift in the world of disc golf equipment.

GRIPeq, Discraft, and Paul McBeth have joined together for a new, three-year partnership that promises to redefine what you expect from your disc golf gear. The MB Line represents a collective effort to elevate greatness to new heights.

About Grip Equipment

Grip Equipment is the designer and producer of world-class disc golf bags created by and for players. Since 2009, their bags have set the standard for utility and player comfort for disc golfers of all levels, and their passion for what they do has made them one of the most recognizable, desirable disc golf brands worldwide. 

About Paul McBeth

Regarded as the disc golf goat by many, 6X World Champion Paul McBeth has been a dominant force in the professional circuit since 2008. With an impressive tally of over 140 professional victories and a recurrent presence as a top-ranked PDGA player, Paul exemplifies the standards of excellence and sportsmanship on the greens. Continuously driving the sport's evolution forward, Paul extends the joy of disc golf to enthusiasts worldwide through his philanthropic endeavor, the Paul McBeth Foundation.


Founded in 1979, Discraft stands at the forefront of disc sports manufacturing. Celebrated for unparalleled quality and consistency, our products serve disc golfers and ultimate players across the glo 

Stay tuned, as it’s just the beginning.

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