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She's Back.

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

"We are so proud and excited to welcome back 5X World Champion Paige Pierce to Discraft. Our new, multi-year contract with Paige is a huge step forward for Discraft and women's disc golf. It's time for a change - we're revolutionizing the relationship between players and manufacturers. The players are rewarded for their hard work and contributions to building the sport that we all love. " - Mike Wagner Discraft COO

"This is a limitless contract. There is no question it's the largest female contract in disc golf, but with some of our new additions, it could be considered the largest disc golf contract in history. Discs are just one piece of the deal. We're helping her build her brand." - Bob Julio Team Manager

"I have too much to say. This is so exciting! Stay tuned to my Instagram where I will be going live from the warehouse. There is no way to put all my thoughts into words on a screen. Be sure to check the Profiled episode on the JomezPro YouTube on Monday for more details about what's coming. We're working on so many projects that I can't wait to share." - Paige

Paige kicks things off with a Test Flight putter. A very limited number of pre-release signed Test Flights are available NOW on PaigePierce.com. The full Test Flight putter release will be on Discraft.com on Black Friday.

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