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Custom Ultimate - hot stamp


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designing your disc

Please Read Carefully. 

This may look like a lot to go through, but taking a few minutes to digest this info now will help you create the best design possible.

Line Thickness
Pointed Lines

Thin lines have a tendency not to print. Please keep all lines at least 1mm thick. Super fine details are generally not suggested for hot stamp designs. This is also true of "reversed" lines (where the background is the stamping color, and the line is actually the disc color showing through). If an area of non-print is less than 1mm thick, the foil will fill it in and make the area appear solid.


Very fine points are not recommended since the hot stamp foil may start to peel from that point, or may become rounded or torn. To prevent this, slightly round off all fine points at the ends of lines and in other small shapes.

Text Size
Solid Areas

Fonts should be at least 12 points in size. Serif fonts do not print well since the serifs are so fine. if you choose a serif font, it must be bold and at least 28 points. 

Reverse text (the underlying disc color "showing through" a solid printed area) should be a little larger than 20 points and bold so it doesn't fill in. With reverse text, the bigger the better.

It is best to avoid outlining text on two color designs. If your design includes a significant amount of outlining on text or other elements, you will be required to sign a line-up waiver before we will be able to process your order


In order to avoid bubbles under the foil, we limit solid color areas to 0.5in (about the width of a nickel). Any larger and we can not guarantee that the area will stamp correctly with no bubbles. 

Similar to the design above, if your design depends on large solid areas, you can break them up using fill patterns such as lines, dots, or waves. 

We have uploaded a "mock" nickel in the templates below. Use the template to help size your design and ensure no areas are too thick.

SizeGuide (1).png

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Be sure to set your art design to 300 dots per inch (dpi).

We are unable to process multi-color designs that have tight registration or overlapping colors, since some shifting will occur and foils are not designed to adhere to other foils. The closest the two colors should be is 1/16 of an inch to each other. The gap between colors ensures that there's a small amount of room for the layers to move without the colors printing on top of each other.

All artwork will be printed in the center of the disc, unless otherwise specified. If your design is not circular or is smaller than the maximum printing area, please indicate where you would like the design placed on the disc (within the maximum printing area).

ACCEPTED ART FILES: Best (PSD, AI). Can take (EPS, JPG, or PNG 300 DPI or more)

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