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2 Year Partnership with Windmil

We are excited to announce our 2019/2020 partnership with Windmil

As the official disc of the World Flying Disc Federation, USA Ultimate, and many others, we

are thrilled to be partnering with Windmil for the next two years. Every player in attendance will receive an UltraStar in their Team Pack.

"We couldn't be more excited to be working with Windmil again. The Windmil event embodies everything our sport is about and adds that extra level of entertainment and fun. Deciding to be involved was a no-brainer and we can't wait to see these next two years unfold." - Pad Timmons, Head of Discraft Ultimate

About Windmil

Windmil is an annual 4 day Ultimate Tournament and festival featuring 80 teams across three divisions (open, women's, and mixed). There are multiple events and entertainment on and off the field, chalking up to be one of the most fun and exciting weekends every year.

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