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20 Years of Buzzzin'

A Transformational Two Decades

Marking its 20th anniversary, the Buzzz has not only help define our brand's direction but has also transformed the core of disc golf.



From the moment the Buzzz took flight, it was clear: this wasn’t just any disc. Over the past two decades, it has become synonymous with precision and reliability in the disc golf community. No other disc has so perfectly captured the spirit of the game, serving both beginners finding their grip and seasoned pros looking to refine their throw.

Symbol of Unity

Disc golf, at its heart, is more than just a sport. It's a community bound by a shared passion, and the Buzzz has become a symbol of that unity. In every twist and turn, every fairway and rough, the Buzzz has been there, bridging gaps, forging connections, and bringing disc golfers together under a shared banner.

The Buzzz isn't just renowned for its design; it's celebrated for the doors it has opened for creativity. Custom designs, limited edition releases, and countless fan artworks - the Buzzz has been a muse for many, inspiring artistry that echoes the disc's own iconic status.

The Past 20 Years

In the sport of disc golf, 2003 witnessed a pivotal moment. The Buzzz made its debut. It wasn't merely another disc; its consistent flight and unmatched adaptability quickly drew eyes. Both pros and enthusiasts shouted their approval, praising its reliably straight path.

By its first anniversary, it was clear: the Buzzz was not merely a disc; it was a phenomenon.

Fast forward to 2005, and those murmurs had amplified into overwhelming accolades. A plethora of professionals vocally stamped their endorsement, and disc golf enthusiasts passionately championed its unparalleled precision.

Its growing acclaim made the Buzzz a staple in disc collections globally.

As 2013 dawned, the world took a moment to celebrate the Buzzz's 10th anniversary. A decade of soaring was marked by an exclusive release, which sold out in under 10 minutes.

The Buzzz, already with a gleaming reputation, only climbed higher. 2016 saw it become a frequent feature in many professional player's bags, underscoring its status as a go-to-disc. Its participation in prominent championships, supported by elite players, emphasized its legendary stature.

Forward Flight

As we commemorate 20 years of the Buzzz, we're not just looking back; we're gazing forward. This disc represents progress, evolution, and the endless possibilities the future holds for disc golf. It reminds us that the best is yet to come, with more milestones, innovations, and shared moments on the horizon.

As we mark 2023, we're not merely observing a disc's anniversary; we're commemorating an era. Celebrating 20 iconic years of the Buzzz isn't just about the disc – it's an homage to every hand that launched it, and every individual who cherished it.

Be a part of this landmark celebration: Discover the 20th Anniversary Special Edition Buzzz at DGLO, online at, or at your nearby retailers!


Team Discraft

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