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Northwood vs Lake Eureka. What was Paul throwing?

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Paul McBeth recently tackled his 5th World Championship Title (congratulations!) while competing on two world-class disc golf courses in Illinois. Lake Eureka and Northwood Gold - one wooded and one more open and OB obstacle based. The differences in each course challenged a different set of skills in each player and in turn, required a different set of tools to succeed.

What Paul bagged at Lake Eureka:

1 - Big Z Luna

1 - Jawbreaker Wasp

1 - ESP Prototype Anax

Paul's line-up for Northwood Gold:

1 - Big Z Luna

1 - Jawbreaker Wasp

2 - ESP Prototype Anax

When boiled down, there were only a few changes between Eureka and Northwood but they were calculated. The reduction of two Zeus in favor of a more controlled Force and Anax was to be expected. A shift from overstable to control. One bag favoring power and the other focused on precision. Weather was a bit of an uncertainty on the Northwood days resulting in the only mold addition. "The Drone is a reliable, overstable disc. If the weather changed drastically, I knew I could count on it regardless."

Were these few bag tweaks the key to his 5th success?

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