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A New Name for Paul McBeth's Distance Driver

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

On behalf of Discraft and the many hard working employees of our company here in Wixom, Michigan, we would like to first thank you for already, one of the best disc golf seasons that our company has ever had. With the release of multiple new discs, including Paul McBeth's Luna putter and prototype Distance Driver, we couldn't be more excited for what's to come this year and the following years as we continue to strengthen our brand while helping Paul build his.

As of this announcement, the official name of Paul's distance driver will be changing.

A prototype goes through many changes. Sometimes it’s a tweak of the rim or adjustment of the plastics - this time it’s a name change. Naming a disc is no easy task. For years we have had an ever growing, ever changing list of names for our future discs. When a new disc rolls through, we pull the list out and see what feels right. It’s about finding a name that aligns with the characteristics of the disc as much as the impact we want the disc to have in the industry. Some of the names instantly fit, while others take some time to dial in. With the Kong, Paul was drawn to the name on his first factory tour (learn more in Behind The Disc Episode 3), we all just underestimated the impact the disc would have. As it has continued to grow in popularity with players of all skill levels, it has also outgrown its name. And what’s bigger than the king of the apes? The King of the sky - Zeus.

As the king of the gods, demigods, and mortals, and as the god of the sky, Zeus is a perfect fit. While the disc’s name is changing, the design, mold, and flight numbers of the disc will stay the same.

We look forward to the First Run release of Zeus along with the prototype release of the 3rd disc in Paul’s lineup, a driver named Anax (pronounced 'aa·nuhks'). Both discs will be available on and through local disc golf retailers on July 12.

Mike Wagner

COO / Discraft Inc

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