Thomas Earhart



Thomas Earhart

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You better SKIP!


Vernon Hills

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Notable wins

Advanced at Ledgestone in 2016
Open at the Pickle Open in 2017
Open at the Throwdown at Rolling Knolls in 2017

Favorite Courses

Ozark Mountain. Vichy, IL. The Ozark Mountain courses consist of 3 different courses of all different pars and challenges. I've had the privilege of camping out at the Ozarks a handful of times and it's an amazing time. The courses are difficult, fair, and simply offer a wide variety of challenges.

Squaw Creek. Round Lake, IL. Squaw Creek is my home course in the northern Illinois area. There are two courses on the property, one of which is a great putter practice course, and the other course being a challenging par 67. This is the course that I really learned how to throw a turnover driver and mid range shot efficiently. These courses offer a great mix of open and tightly wooded holes that I can truly say shaped the way my game is today.


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*Note* In The Bag section is a work in progress. While these are the discs
the player throws, it may not accurately reflect the plastic type the player uses

Your go-to Driver?

My Z Forces are my go-to drivers by far. I can trust my Z Force in windy days where I can put them on a slight hyzer, have them flip up a little bit but never have any fear that they're going to turn over. Great disc for controlled distance drives and flex flicks. Overall, the Z Force is a power player's favorite driver. As a power player myself, I can throw my Force as hard as I need to and know that it's going to ride straight and have a reliable finish at the end.

How about your main Mid-range?

How could one go wrong with a nice Z Buzzz? In particular, I have been bagging the same purple Z Buzzz for close to 2 years now, and I could ramble on and on about it. It is a perfect neutral mid range where I can literally throw any shot within 325 feet with it. I prefer to throw mid ranges over putters, so I can throw soft flex shots with the buzzz when I'm not feeling comfortable throwing my putters. I can throw my buzzz hard on a slight hyzer, have it stand up to flat and just ride flat. I can use the Buzzz for scramble forehands as well because when put on an anhyzer, it's going to ride that anhyzer and flatten out at the end. Cannot say enough about how great the Z Buzzz is.

What about Your Putter?

I love putting with the D Challenger OS. I also bag one D Challenger OS for upshots. For putting, the Challenger OS is perfect for the classic spin putt. It has a nice hyzer finish at the end of a putt, and from long distances can be put on a slight anhyzer, where if given enough height will flex out giving that little bit of extra distance. For throwing, the D Challenger OS is very neutral. Almost like a little brother Buzzz for me. I can put the D Challenger OS on any angle and it's just going to hold that angle. Not a whole lot of hyzer at the end like it does on a putt, which is perfect for short upshots where you don't need a lot of fade.

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