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Thomas Earhart

Thomas Earhart



Thomas Earhart

Tag Line:

"C'mon SKIP"


Vernon Hills, IL

PDGA Number: 



PDGA Rating: 

Notable wins

2019 and 2020 J Town Championships Champ (B tier), Greater Milwaukee Open (B tier), 18th Annual Matt "HOMIE" Lovasko Fall Celebration, Northern Illinois Open, IOS #99 Forest City Frenzy

Favorite Courses

Northwoods Gold. Morton, IL. Northwoods Gold is the course I think of when I think of a pro caliber course. Every birdie you get on this course is earned, and if you're off the fairway the scrambling is doable for the par, but extremely difficult. I love the mixture of left to right, right to left, and straight shots on this course as well. I also love the mixture of par 3, 4, and 5 golf. It really does challenge any player on the planet to be on their game that day.

Rollin Ridge. Reedsville, WI. Rollin Ridge is one of the most unique courses I've ever had the pleasure of playing. With multiple tee pads and multiple pin positions you can go there and test any part of your wooded game. With its dense woods Rollin Ridge is a course where scrambling in inevitable, and I very much so love scrambling for my birdies/pars on difficult par 4s/3s. On top of that, the mixture of sidearm/backhand shots never really lets you settle into your round, so it always feels like you're on edge. There's also a shop on site! Highly recommend.


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*Note* In The Bag section is a work in progress. While these are the discs
the player throws, it may not accurately reflect the plastic type the player uses

Your go-to Driver?

Z Force. The Z Force is my all time favorite distance driver. Right now I have a Z Force in my bag that I've beaten up for about 2 years now that I can throw on almost any distance line, whether that be a pushing hyzer or a flex shot. It's so versatile in its flight that I could go to just about any open course and be able to shape my shot how I want it. I also have an overstable Z Force in my bag that's extremely predictable and fights wind great while also getting some distance. The Z Force is the ultimate distance driver because of the combination of controllability and distance.

How about your main Mid-range?

Z Buzzz. The Z Buzzz is a staple in my bag for MANY reasons; the first being I love the flat release, or slight anhyzer release, and because the Buzzz is so neutral in its flight I'm able to get it to go dead straight up to 350 feet. I'll say it again, the Buzzz is perfectly NEUTRAL, so any type of shot you want to throw, left to right, right to left, straight, is just solely based on your angle of release which I love. You can also rely on the Buzzz to have a little finish at the end of its flight as well, so you can play for the flatten when throw on slight anhyzer, whereas the Comet wants to hold the turn the whole way with very little finish. I can take a Buzzz to any course and work my way through it.

What about Your Putter?

D Challenger OS. The D Challenger OS is my putting putter, and recently has become my favorite throwing putter as well! This is a very overstable putting putter, so it forces me to get my putts flat and rely on the little fade at the end towards the basket. But for throwing the D Challenger OS is very neutral in its flight, similar to a Buzzz in my opinion. I can hit my Challenger OS flat out of the hand and it's going to hold flat the entire flat with a baby finish at the end. This means that on anhyzer it just holds the angle but doesn't "burn" over because it's still technically an overstable putter. Very versatile throwing putter and I recommend this disc to all my fellow flat throwers out there.

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